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Erövrarens is made up by dedicated people owning dogs. The kennel prefix is owned by me Linda Johansson, and by my side I have my man, David. I am also lucky to have a side-kick helping me out every now and then and her name is Anja. When I started as a breeder my mother Ann-Cathrine helped me out a lot, unfortunately she passed away on the 20 of January 2021 due to cancer. In her memory I decided to always dedicate some of the money I raise from selling puppies to the research foundation called Cancerfonden.

Besides from me, David and Anja, we are dependent on our extended family – the families buying dogs from us. As we are convinced that dogs are the happiest if they can live as family members and have a life full of love, activity and adventure, we do not keep loads of dogs in our own home. As we work full time and have a small ranch that needs a lot of work, we cannot offer a life good enough for several dogs. Before we sell our puppies, we ask the potential families if they could consider their future dog to have a litter in our home, if it turns out to be a healthy dog fit for breeding. By doing so, the dogs can have a great life and it gives us the opportunity not only to evaluate entire litters before making a decision, but it also allows us to keep as much genetic diversity as possible by only taking one litter per dog. Of course, we compensate the families allowing us to breed their dogs.

I work as an analyst at a Swedish governmental agency and my formal education is in political science where I hold a Master Degree in Human Rights and a Bachelor in Diplomatic Studies. I enjoy learning new things and one of my spare time interests is to learn about genetics. I have completed the advanced genetics course offered by the Swedish Kennelclub making me a certified breeding official. In 2023 I will have completed my latest studies, a university course on the interesting subject Animal welfare legislation. Of course, most of my spare time I spend with my dogs. I love hanging out with them, training them and to learn from them. I admire the language of dogs, as they speak so fluently among themselves and despite the fact that they do not use words as we do, they seldom misunderstand each other. I try to breed as healthy and sound dogs as I can, as I suffer when I see a dog that is not doing well, whether it be physically or mentally.

We breed approximately one litter a year. For us it is important to spend a lot of time with our puppies during the eight weeks they live in our home and then to be able to support the families buying dogs from us by answering their questions and follow up on the puppies.

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