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Modern breeding to get better dogs. Times are changing and so are we!

As we enter a new era of breeding our future dogs might look different and they might act different - because they will be different. We have never been breeding for looks, our aim has, and always will be, healthy, happy dogs with a robust body and a strong mind. We will start to outcross our White Swiss Shepherds in order to add genetic diversity to our breed, but our aim will remain the same.


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Some good and some sad news

Written by Linda 1 month ago

We are indeed blessed with the best puppybyers in the world! All puppies from our H-litter has now been x-rayed and they all have excellent hips and elbows, in addition they are free of all the genetic defects that Embark test for, but that we have known since they were babies. Congrats to their owners […]

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First day of 2023 and first post on our modernised website!

Written by Linda 3 months ago

Finally, our website is up and running again! It isn’t 100% ready, we will still add some information and graphical elements along the way, but it is good enough to be released we think! We hope you will enjoy it! Among many things we will update is information on our previous litters, and of course, […]

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I-litter DNA is mapped!

Written by david 4 months ago

Our lovely I-litter is growing like crazy, they are happy, lively and hungry little trolls who keep us really busy almost day and night 🙂 Their DNA results have arrived and we can announce that all seven little wonders are free of all 11 breed-relevant defects for which they are tested, in addition, they are […]

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My thoughts about breeding – part 4

Written by Linda 4 months ago

Suddenly it happens! Suddenly, oxygen flows into the room that has been closed for 100 years. Suddenly, our kennel club opens the doors to more sustainable and long-term breeding – they open up genetic variation! As I mentioned earlier, I got to participate in SKK ‘s annual breeding conference, it took place on November 12-13 […]

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