First day of 2023 and first post on our modernised website!

Written by Linda 4 weeks ago
Finally, our website is up and running again! It isn’t 100% ready, we will still add some information and graphical elements along the way, but it is…

I-litter DNA is mapped!

Written by david 2 months ago
Our lovely I-litter is growing like crazy, they are happy, lively and hungry little trolls who keep us really busy almost day and night 🙂 Their DNA…

My thoughts about breeding – part 4

Written by Linda 2 months ago
Suddenly it happens! Suddenly, oxygen flows into the room that has been closed for 100 years. Suddenly, our kennel club opens the doors to more sustainable and…

My thoughts about breeding – part 3

Written by Linda 3 months ago
For those of you who follow and read my website, which is updated quite irregularly, you might have had time to read about My thoughts on breeding,…

Puppies and one adult

Written by Linda 5 months ago
Our beautiful Erövrarens Discovered Diamond “Nova” is pregnant with Cheveyo of the Angelspirit for Safe Guardian’s “Ruffy” and we are dying to! Estimated arrival will be October…

Some new photos and information

Written by Linda 7 months ago
Now that we have received another X-ray result, we can celebrate midsummer with the flag at the top. Erövrarens Halo, just like its litter siblings Hayashi and…

A little sign of life

Written by david 8 months ago
It’s high time for an update. We live, train and breathe dogs, but there is not much time left to change and update the website. In any…

My thoughts about breeding – part 2

Written by Linda 1 year ago
One of my favorite quotes is “ cogito , ergo sum ” or as it was called before it was translated into Latin; “Je pense , donc…
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