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Some good and some sad news

1 year ago by Linda

We are indeed blessed with the best puppybyers in the world! All puppies from our H-litter has now been x-rayed and they all have excellent hips and elbows, in addition they are free of all the genetic defects that Embark test for, but that we have known since they were babies. Congrats to their owners and once again thank you!

We are sad to inform you that Erövarens Coal Miners Daughter “Cosmo” and Erövrarens Alhambra “Ami” have passed away.

Cosmos owner had to take the most difficult decision of them all and let Cosmo cross the rainbow bridge. Cosmo had tumours and arthritis, she became 9 years old.

Ami was healthy and happy when she suddenly fell ill and she was rushed to the veterinarian. Her life could not be saved, she was suffering from internal bleeding likely caused by tumours in the spleen and she was euthanized within a very short time. Ami became almost 10 years old.

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