Bonnibel of Lovely Whitestar


About the dog
  • GenderFemale
  • Born/Dead 2010-05-12 - 2023-03-10
  • MotherCookie Star Z Rance Montara
  • FatherBorn to Win White General
  • Pedigree SE26055/2011
  • ExteriorChampionat
  • HD/ED AA / 00
  • DNA-tested Yes (Embark)
  • Inbreeding DNA27%
  • Inbreeding Wright's-

Who is Bonni?

Bonni is an absolutely fantastic dog. She always makes us laugh and she has also contributed to one or two gray hairs or two. She has an incredibly strong personality, is very resourceful and can wrap the most stubborn around her paw with her relentless charm. She has enormous drive and loves to work no matter what task she is given. Bonni is a dog that fits most everything, she loves pulling, obedience, tracking and searching. Her motto in life is that everything should go fast, preferably at the speed of light. Bonni was imported as a puppy from Austria and has contributed two litters to our breeding, and she is now also the proud grandmother of our D-litter. To share life with this whirlwind is truly a blessing. Bonni lives with Linda and David.