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About the dog
  • ExteriorNo result
  • HD/ED BB / 00
  • DNA-tested Yes (Embark)
  • Inbreeding DNA28%
  • Inbreeding Wright's1,6%

Who is Strax?

Strax was a big, powerful and wonderful dog. He was the rock we could lean against when it stormed, he watched over us so we can sleep safely at night, he was the kind play uncle with the puppies and he was the king of the track. Strax was not one to waste energy on tasks he is not interested in, but when he got to do what he loves, he gived it his all. Strax comes from a breeding in Värmland and he is the father of our kennel’s first litter, and now also the grandfather of our D-litter. He is also the father of a litter in Norway and one in Finland. He was an incredibly good tracking dog. He was a relentless gatekeeper. He was the one we could not be without.