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New knowledge and new times

3 years ago by

As you know, those of you who follow our little breeding over time, we like to think new things, try new things and constantly learn more about breeding. We haven’t had more than one litter per year, and we only take litters if we really believe in the combination. We don’t just breed for the sake of breeding. Now we are going to change our thinking even further, and we can do this because we have the best puppy buyers in the world. We will also in the future connect people who are genuinely interested in the breed and are prepared to contribute to a strong, healthy and pleasant working dog.

Thanks to the fact that in 9 out of 10 cases our puppy buyers fulfill their promises about x-rays and mental description (even if MH in particular lags behind, but that is because of the pandemic) we have gained a good understanding of inheritance and environment as far as hips, elbows and mentality are concerned . We are still learning about this and see it as a living process, we will always be better but never fully learned.

What we will do in the future is to work for greater genetic variation, which concretely means that we will retain the breeding rights to the puppies that we sell. This means that our puppy buyers will be aware that we will possibly lend the dog for breeding, as the entire litter it comes from can be considered evaluated and at least 3 years old. In this way, we can increase the genetic variation as we do not save on 1 dog that then has several litters. We have not had more than a maximum of 3 litters on our bitches and sparingly used our males until now. We will continue with this and the borrowed bitches and males in the future we will not use for more than 1 (regarding female) and maximum 3 (regarding male dog) litters. The fact that only a few dogs breed and have many puppies means a great loss of genetic variation, we want to counteract that. Puppies that we choose to import and have with breeders can hopefully contribute to new genetic material and these dogs will possibly be used for more than 1 litter (bitch) and more than 3 litters (male), depending entirely on what DNA the individual dog carries on.

Of course, this is not a one-size-fits-all arrangement, but we also don’t breed to suit everyone. Our breeding target is healthy working dogs that are mentally stable types with a great desire to work. We also want to contribute to greater genetic variation. To succeed in this, we depend on dedicated puppy buyers who understand the importance of each individual. We have such puppy buyers now and we welcome such puppy buyers for future litters. In addition, we depend on DNA testing to succeed in this. We have DNA tested our entire H-litter and a number of adult dogs and will continue with this in the future as well.

Breeding is a job you cannot do alone and we are extremely grateful that we have such fantastic puppy buyers and so many fine breeder colleagues around the world. It is together that we preserve the breed that we love so much and without you we would not have been able to plan for future puppies. We are currently thinking about the next combination but have not arrived at any decision regarding our 2022 litter.

Having said that, we celebrate by stating the recent x-ray results:
Erövrarens Gamble with Grit HD A, ED 0, back without remark. Investigated 2021-03-02.
Erövrarens Fear the Fluff HD B, ED 0, back without remark. Investigated 2021-04-28.
Erövrarens Great White HD A, ED 0, back without remark. Investigated 2021-05-20.

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