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A little sign of life

2 years ago by

It’s high time for an update. We live, train and breathe dogs, but there is not much time left to change and update the website. In any case, we are happy to tell you that the H-litter has started its X-ray examinations and it looks promising. Nevada Peterson has been to his first exhibition and received very good criticism and was awarded an Excellent. A closer presentation of each individual H-puppy as well as Nevada and her brother will hopefully come soon (as soon as time allows).

Future breeding plans are still not 100% nailed down, but Erövrarens Fuel to the Fire will contribute a litter, hopefully she will be mated in autumn/winter 2022. Then, sometime in 2023/24 Erövrarens Get a Grip will also contribute a litter. Both these bitches come from well-evaluated litters.

Next, if not yet fully determined, hopefully the Erövrarens Hayashi and Nevada Peterson will be mothers to each litter.

In order to maintain as much genetic variation as possible, we will not take more than one, maximum two litters per dog. Therefore, we are endlessly grateful for our committed and wise puppy buyers who let us borrow such nice bitches for our breeding, without you it would not have been possible. Thanks! As always, we will be extremely careful to choose the right male dog for the right bitch and we will strive to use male dogs that are not or will be overused in breeding. This is so that we have as sustainable and long-term breeding as possible.

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