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Some new photos and information

2 years ago by Linda

Now that we have received another X-ray result, we can celebrate midsummer with the flag at the top. Erövrarens Halo, just like its litter siblings Hayashi and Hawking, got HD A, ED 0, Erövrarens litter sibling Hayabusa got HD B, ED 0. Health data has been updated and you can find it under the Health tab. We have also participated in the breed special and there the Erövrarens Discovered Diamond received good criticism when she participated in champion class, she was third best champion female with Excellent and CK. Her two cubs Hayashi and Hawking also got good criticism, Hayashi got a Very Good and Hawking got Excellent with CK and became BOB Junior! Nevada Peterson was also exhibited and received very nice criticism and an Excellent. The Erövrarens Fight not Flight has received some new images uploaded, as have the Erövrarens Hayashi and the Erövrarens Hubble.

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