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Puppies and one adult

2 years ago by Linda

Our beautiful Erövrarens Discovered Diamond “Nova” is pregnant with Cheveyo of the Angelspirit for Safe Guardian’s “Ruffy” and we are dying to! Estimated arrival will be October 5-7 (if we didn’t miscalculate) and thus the little ones will be ready for delivery sometime around December 5-7.

All puppies will be DNA tested at the company Embark, which means they will get their own account there. You who become their owner will be logged into this account. This means that you can see all the genetic defects that the dog is tested for, you can follow the dog’s genes (through the mitochondrial DNA) to where man and dog became a concept and you can see the dogs around the world that are tested and in some way related to your particular dog – just like a huge family tree! The most important function, however, is their health questionnaire that you can fill out annually and thus help research into our dogs’ diseases (and thus humans, since many of our diseases are very similar). We hope and believe that these puppies will be as healthy and robust as their parents are and thus live a long life, which is also an important piece of the puzzle in research!

Each puppy also contributes to the Cancer Foundation because, after my mother and co-owner of the kennel passed away from cancer, I decided to donate part of the purchase price to cancer research.
Of course, each puppy is also registered with a pedigree, has undergone a veterinary examination, is vaccinated and wormed and has its own insurance in Agria that you can easily take over. During the puppy’s first eight weeks with us, we spend a lot of time and care on environmental training and socialization.

All puppies born with us are very important and we offer lifelong support. Should life take a different turn and the dog has to be relocated, then we would like to be there to help. This is exactly what happened in one of our families, and therefore a male from our F-litter is now available for relocation.

The male is called the Erövrarens Free Flow of Fortune and was born on 2019-05-11. His name is Ike. If interested, first contact his owner Samuel and you can agree. For questions about Ike’s litter siblings and the like, it’s fine to contact me. Ike should not be used in breeding. Contact Samuel at email address:

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